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A flavorful blend of healthy ingredients with a modest amount of sweet based components makes our nutritious Sun Snaps* and Simply Squares** cookie bars a perfect, vitamin packed and tasty snack or dessert for the whole family.


Our cookie bars are peanut butter based and are fairly dense, so one or two at a time is enough to fill the void between meals. There are plenty of vitamins in our delicious cookie bars, so the health benefits coupled with the sweet and natural taste are perfect reasons to keep them stocked in your cupboard or refrigerator.


Enjoy our nutritious Sun Snaps or Simply Squares, created with great care, from A Slice of Health in Salem, Oregon.

Sun Snaps Ingredients: Seedless raisins, cashews (cottonseed oil, sea salt), peanut butter (peanuts), banana, oat flour (oats), rolled oats (oats), honey, brown sugar, eggs, molasses, cacao nibs (certified organic raw cacoa), chia seeds. Contains: Egg, nuts (peanuts, cashews)

Simply Squares Ingredients: Peanut butter (peanuts), banana, oat flour (oats), honey, brown sugar, dark chocolate chips (chocolate, sugar, cocoa butter, milkfat, nonfat milk, natural flavor), eggs, molasses. Contains: Egg, nuts (peanuts)

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